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Adopt or donate a very abandoned olive tree in Vinci for one year

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N.B. Questi sono tutti ulivi del campo di Vinci ! Riceverete l’olio entro questo Natale 2022!

Adottando o Regalando un ulivo abbandonato avrai dato un preziosissimo contributo alla salvaguardia di queste piante e del territorio e riceverai 1 litro d'olio d'oliva biologico garantito. Potrai venire al PicNic sotto il tuo ulivo 2023 con la tua famiglia e acquistarne un secondo litro ad un prezzo speciale per te il prossimo Ottobre in caso di sufficiente produzione di olive. Il rinnovo per l'anno successivo avviene ad un prezzo più vantaggioso.

In case of Adoption: Fill in only the shipping information (including the tax code), choosing the name of the olive tree you can write in the box "Name of the olive tree".

In case of Gift: Fill in the shipping information with the gift recipient's details (repeat the name in the Tax Code box) and the billing information with your own information (including Tax Code).
Enter your email and name in the Addresses box.
Specify the email address of the gift recipient in the Gift instructions.
Write here the message you want to leave for the recipient.

Riceverai la foto della pianta, l'email con il certificato di adozione e tutte le informazioni sul recupero delle piante nel campo in cui si trova il tuo ulivo. 

An abandoned olive tree, full of disease and with many branches to prune, cannot produce many olives for the first few years, especially when it has been overgrown by ivy and prunus. 

The cost of adoption is paid once a year. Renewal is not automatic. You choose whether to continue adopting or not.

Adopting or giving an olive tree means:

1) Recovering territory and landscape
2) Helping to create jobs in the agricultural sector
3) Returning an olive tree to production
4) Receiving 1 litre of organic Tuscan EVO olive oil at home

In the hills, the cultivation of olive trees cannot be industrialised and there is a lot of work to be done to recover, cultivate and protect these majestic plants, which are rich in the history of our culture. Thanks to you, we can save all this heritage and continue to produce a product of the highest quality that each supporter will receive as a gift for their contribution.

With this adoption, Ager Oliva will care for the plant for a year, making it fit, beautiful and giving it work locally.

L'olio proveniente dal campo sarà inviato a Novembre/Dicembre 2022 (entro Natale). 

Shipping cost in Italy: 6,00 euro.

N.B. We recommend renewing the adoption of the plant for 3 years to complete its minimum recovery cycle.